Gordon's Shellfish, LLC
Aquaculture on Maryland's Coastal Bays
4248 Bayside Road, Snow Hill, MD  21863


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Grow Your Own Shellfish!

Gordon's Shellfish, LLC, one of Maryland's Aquaculture facilities, produces numerous different species for those who wish to grow shellfish for fun, for profit, for education or environmental purposes.

Their specialists can provide you with information on developing shellfish aquaculture, especially in Maryland's Coastal Bays.

Their facility is located on the shores of Chincoteague Bay in the small village  known as "Public Landing" just outside the historic Town of Snow Hill, in Worcester County, Maryland.

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What is Aquaculture?
Aquaculture is defined as the production of aquatic animals and plants under controlled conditions for all or part of their lifecycle. The history of aquaculture in the United States can be traced back to the mid to late l9th century when pioneers began to supply brood fish, fingerlings, and lessons in fish husbandry to would-be aquaculturists.

During the last two decades, the value of U.S. aquacultural production rose to nearly $1 billion. Interest in aquacultural production is on the rise because restrictions on the wild harvest of many seafood species may diminish wild harvest seafood supplies.

There have been significant increases in demand for fish and seafood in the United States and throughout the world. Per capita consumption in the United States rose from 12.5 pounds in 1980 to 15.5 pounds in 1990, an increase of 19 percent. With the increased health consciousness in the United States , per capita consumption of aquaculture products will continue to increase. In addition, the supply of “wild” caught fish from conventional capture sources has declined because of over-exploitation, pollution, and habitat destruction. These conditions will mean an ever-increasing demand for aquaculture products.

United States Department of Agriculture - Economic Outlook Report 2003


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